Uniworld Care Treatment Services

UTS; Uniworld Care Treatment Services provides a whole range of medical treatment services for national and international patients.

  1. Online Consultations
  2. Health Patri
  3. Second Opinion
  4. Chikitsa Bhraman (Medical tourism)

Our online consultation is available 24×7 for all geographical regions…

Tele-Consultation, Skype Consultation, Email Query Solving: The mission of Uniworld Care is to provide high quality, cost effective healthcare to our patients. We follow best practices in clinical care, transparency in dealings, along with the empathetic attitude & heartfelt passion of serving the humanity. We provide online support through our patient portal. Email, Tele consultation, Video conferencing and web consultation, are part of our online consultation program.

We have team of clinicians and paramedics to support you by best possible means. Our online consultation is available 24×7 for all geographical regions and all of branches of clinical expertise. We do keep strict control on patient privacy & confidentiality along with quality checks on consultations. We have client feedback mechanism in built with each consultation, so as to improve upon the quality


  • Infertility management & other Gynae / Obstetrics queries
  • Cardiac care management
  • Cancer care
  • Cosmetic/dental & Plastic surgery
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Orthopaedic & neurology consultations
  • Other General health issues

Compilation of complete history, investigation reports, blood group, and allergies of patient…

Healthpatri: It is a Digital platform, not only for maintaining electronic medical records (EMR) of patients, but, also providing the analysis of their health problems, on the basis of sign/symptoms and investigation reports.

It is compilation of complete history, investigation reports, blood group, and allergies of patient and provides probable diagnosis. This helps in online consultation, as the treating doctor is now equipped with all the necessary documents.

We prepare “Treatment plan” “Provisional diagnosis” “Costing plan” & “follow up care plan” in Health patri.

Don’t Rush To Treatment Before You Have All The Answers

The power of second opinion lies while facing serious health problem or recommended surgery. A second opinion provides a reassurance that your diagnosis is correct and your treatment plan is the most cutting edge & effective option for your condition.

This is very effective in serious medical conditions and difficult surgeries.

Uniworld care provides the best discussion with our in house medical advisory board and also one to one consultation with the specialist. We provide evidence based solutions and all the possible treatment modalities for the respective health problems.

CHIKITSA BHRAMAN (Health Tourism- Domestic & International)

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Uniworld Care is the interface between doctor and patients, travelling for treatment from abroad or within India. With the help of technology, we streamline patient history and necessary details and provide them online consultations. We operate both India and abroad. We have collaboration with European Union (Estonian government) and Geneva women’s health centre, Geneva Switzerland. We do provide technical support to agencies working in field of medical tourism. We provide IT support like video conferencing, web consultation, query management and treatment support to B2C and B2B.

Uniworld strictly believes in:

  • Appropriate case assessment with qualified and experienced professionals
  • Correct diagnosis with most modern techniques and equipments
  • Special care for distinguished patients in need to special assistance
  • Execution of evidence based, value added state of the art treatment
  • Proper follow up along with efficient motivation for compliance and return back to normal life.

Once a patient or their relative sends an enquiry or call, they will be registered on our system and become a part of the Uniworld family. All efforts are made to make them comfortable by sharing their pain and providing them state of art solution to their problems. Apart from health and hospital facilities, Uniworld tries to provide all necessary facilities to the patients and accompanying attendants. We try to make the stay as hassle free as possible.

We have collaboration with European Union (Estonian government) and Geneva women’s health centre, Geneva Switzerland

We provide a complete bouquet of services to support our patients which include:

  • Detailed analysis of case history and discussion with doctors.
  • Skype meeting, if necessary, with patient and doctor.
  • Finalisation of medical procedure and best suited hospitals
  • Initiating papers for medical and Mx visa &Arranging tickets if required.
  • Pick up facility from airport with special assistance like wheel chair, stretcher etc.& Booking accommodation.
  • Provision of bi – lingual interpreter for non English speaking patients & arrangement for local transport.
  • Facilitating special tour packages for patients with tourist interest & Special arrangement for shopping.

Email: radhikauniworldcare@gmail.com
Mobile: +91-9350813134
Mobile: +91-9871543989