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Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Project

HTA is a multidisciplinary field that addresses the clinical, economic, organizational, social, legal, and ethical impacts of a health technology, considering its specific healthcare context as well as available alternatives. The scope and methods of HTA may be adapted to the needs of a particular health system, but HTA processes and methods should be transparent, systematic, and rigorous. In health systems throughout the world, HTA plays an essential role in supporting decision making.

Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) Consultancy

More than ever, health economic and outcomes information affect how patients, providers, payers, and regulators make decisions, and there is an unmet need for credible, reliable, and high quality evidence-based analyses in India and many emerging world health markets.

We provide health economics and outcomes research services that are essential components to build and support economic evaluation and value propositions in the various reimbursement settings.We selectively conduct: cost utility analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-benefit analysis and cost-minimization analysis to derive desired outcomes.

We have proven capacity to conduct original research and to translate results to inform and support compelling, high quality value messages.

Our experts design and implement studies could help to:

  • Demonstrate clinical and economic value
  • Estimate direct and indirect economic burden
  • Estimate budget impact
  • Forecast the longer-term effects of a therapy when only short-term data are available
  • Inform clinical trial design and simulate expected outcomes
  • Evaluate pricing scenarios
  • Inform strategic planning and product development
  • Support submissions to regulatory agencies and health authorities
  • Incorporate multiple dimensions of benefit beyond survival and quality of life

Our HEOR services include:
Evidence review and evidence generation

  • systematic literature review and literature searching
  • direct and indirect meta-analysis
  • patient preference determined via discrete choice analysis
  • Pharmacoeconomic trials
  • Observational studies
  • Real world evidence/chart reviews
  • Quality of life studies

Health technology assessment using economic modelling

  • Decision trees
  • Markov modelling
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Patient level modelling and discrete event simulation, and
  • Probabilistic / Bayesian sensitivity analysis

Medical writing

High quality written support and transparent reporting of a HEOR study is critical in persuading the audience to trust the results and therefore of utmost importance in order to communicate the study results effectively.

Value communication and value dossier preparation

A Value Dossier presents a summary of the clinical, economic, and humanistic value and supporting evidence (studies) for a new product in a disease area as well as background information on that disease (i.e., burden of illness, epidemiology, etc.)The dossier development process involves the creation of value messages, an evaluation of the evidence supporting each of the messages, and identification of evidence GAPs (i.e., need for an economic evaluation).The dossier can also act as a guide to inform future research studies, publication strategies, and other evidence generation activities.

Experts of HTA

  1.  Param Vaidya
  2.  Kavita Kachroo
  3.  Radhika Adholeya

Corporate Health Services


Uniworld Care provides consultancy services, related to work place health support, life style modifications, wellness training’s; health insurance, medical data support and customised medical interventions. Stress management, online psychological consultations, nutrition/diet consultation & fitness support, are some of the areas of Uniworld Care’s intervention.

We have collaborations with Apeejay Society of Management, Quality council of India & NTPC


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