Uniworld Care, is a consortium of sincere dedicated individuals, providing Start of Art Medical/Surgical treatment to health problems, advising health solution to difficult surgeries/ medical issues through SECOND OPINION, working towards improvising Quality in Healthcare & endorse best practices in clinical treatment. We have best ethical doctors and facilities’ on board with us, who can provide start of art solutions with unbiased approach.

We are Personal Health Advisors, for all specialised healthcare domain and providing clinical & management support services to both national as well as international clients/Patients. We value professional integrity & humanistic approach. We understand human sufferings and believe in healing through kindness. We follow ethical, evidence based treatment guidelines along with rational clinical decision making. Transparency in costing and procedure is our commitment to our members. We allow patients to make informed choices at ease with unbiased approach. UniworldCare is trying to bridge this gap, between Doctor-Patient, through improving communication, by the help of technology and awareness programs.

Our mission is to bring health and happiness to all and build a healthy nation
Our vision is, to reach to the last milestone in healthcare and bring healthcare equity. We strive to reach excellence in healthcare delivery, both nationally as well as internationally.

Our Motto

  • “Together we can….together we will….”

Our Values and Ethics are:-

  • To have highest level of transparency & accountability.
  • To have empathy for human suffering and to promote emotional intelligence/rational clinical decision making

Our Goal

  • To Improvise “Patient Care” with the help of “Technology”.

Our Objectives

  • To develop different processes of Patient Care Management.
  • To improve communication & coordination between doctor & patient with the help of technology & Patient doctor associations.
  • To bring transparency, accountability & coordination between doctor patient relationship.